after it’s over

O piesa superba, ascultata din intamplare la Radio Guerilla. Greu de gasit 🙂



The Benjamin Taylor BandAfter it’s Over

Cu multumiri catre Doulfe care a dovedit mai mult talent gugalistic decat mine 😀

You can tell her hello
You can tell her goodbye
You can sing her a song
You can tell her a lie
You can tell her she’ll probably understand when she’s older
After it’s over, it’s over

Tell her I haven’t been lonely and cold
And since she’s been gone I’ve been fine on my own
You can tell her she won’t have to look back over her shoulder
After it’s over, it’s over

She’s got so much to do
She’s got nothing to say
Now there’s nothing to lose
Cause now it’s too late
After it’s over, it’s over

Tell her I’m done writing songs about her
This is the last one she’s likely to hear
How I wish I could’ve been the one who had told her
After it’s over, it’s over

After it’s over, it’s over


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